Why Out Of Office?

our staff is young and flexible, therefore able to adapt
we are always learning and love to supply new, unique ideas
we tailor all our events according to our customers’ needs
we run your event while you enjoy it
our crew is International, multi-cultural and professional
we have the attitude, experience and possess the knowledge
we know the city and make sure you get the best of it
we provide 24/7 personal and call assistance for all our customers
we deliver business quality
we handle your event with elegance
the experience with OOO will last forever
we can do it!

Why is it worth

to organize a corporate event abroad?

because a foreign milieu leaves a deeper mark;
because team work strengthens the cohesion between your employees;
because rewarding your employees means loyalty;
because your product needs to be presented in the appropriate way;
because any event needs the appropriate organization;

Where? Budapest, hungary!

Out Of Office Budapest - Destination Management Company

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