Exceptional, custom-crafted programs & events. Uncover Hungary’s hidden treasures and embark on extraordinary adventures Designed for locals and Hungarian enterprises – infused with expertise and passion!

Urban Exploration Expeditions

Discover the heart of the city with our thematic, tailor-made tours in Budapest. Centered around various local themes, these tours encompass classic sights, cultural pop-up elements, and unheard-of legends! Prepare to be pleasantly surprised!

Conferences & Commencements

Transform your gatherings with our distinctive touch! Discover exclusive and hidden venues in Budapest or the countryside, complete with expert assistance, exceptional catering, and unforgettable activities for both intimate gatherings and large groups.

Countryside Escapes

Uncover the lesser-known gems of Hungary’s rural landscapes in the most imaginative and genuine manner. Unforgettable adventures and programs that captivate even the locals!

Group Bonding & City Adventures

Explore over 150 in-house designed indoor and outdoor activities, including cultural-themed games, historical treasure hunts, cooking competitions, unique vehicle tournaments, and engaging movie-making experiences.

Themed Celebrations & Events

Exclusive gala balls and client gatherings, corporate functions, lavish celebrations, and personalized gourmet dining encounters – all meticulously crafted and orchestrated at captivating venues, infused with our most innovative concepts.

Let us Design a Real Experience for you!

Elena P.
Chief Financial Officer
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Our recent conference organized by OutofOffice Tours was a smashing success, thanks to their Gatherings & Conventions service. They offered a selection of both classic and unique meeting venues with top-notch technical support and exceptional catering. The local experiences they integrated into the event added a special touch that made it truly memorable.
Hiroshi T.
Head of International Sales
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OutofOffice Tours' Engaging Urban Exploration program turned our visit to Budapest into an unforgettable adventure. Instead of the typical guided tours, they offered customized, thematic, and interactive experiences that captivated every participant. It ignited a love affair with Budapest we never expected.
Amina A.
HR Manager
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We had an absolute blast with OutofOffice Tours' Group Activities & Challenges. From historical treasure hunts to cooking competitions, their team activities brought Budapest to life in a way we'll never forget. It left an indelible mark on our memories and was a highlight of our trip.
Rajesh P.
Vice President of Operations
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OutofOffice Tours orchestrated a Themed Occasion for us that was nothing short of perfection. The gala event was infused with distinctive concepts and unforgettable features. Whether against the backdrop of World Heritage Sites or hidden urban gems, their attention to detail made it the event of a lifetime. We couldn't have asked for more!

Eager to learn more? Dive into our comprehensive EXPERIENCE CATALOG, brimming with incredible concepts and in-depth insights into our unparalleled, unforgettable travel offerings!



Exploring Budapest Beyond the Ordinary

From countryside escapes to lesser-known urban gems, our OutOfOffice Budapest series is your passport to unlocking the city’s best-kept secrets and unforgettable adventures. Join us on a virtual journey to explore the enchanting nooks and crannies, vibrant local culture, and off-the-beaten-path experiences that make Budapest truly unique.

Discover the Hidden Gems of Budapest with OutOfOffice Budapest

Our journey began in 2005 when we established OutOfOffice Budapest as the pioneering organization in the region to offer customized and imaginative experiences. Our goal was simple yet ambitious: to allow visitors to uncover the authentic and truly captivating essence of Budapest and Hungary.

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