Experiences for Locals References

Hungarian Axe Throwing Challenge

Get to know more about our latest, in-house developed team building challenge which marries tradition and contemporary coolness in one program!

Riviéra Festival Client Party

Riviéra Festival Client Party

Insight: people remember good times, good vibes, like the one during a summer festival.

Wow Las Vegas!

It’s always a great pleasure to organize an event for a client who is ready to rock the party.

Cushman & Wakefield – Funfair Client Party

We basically wanted to fulfill somehow the impossible. Bringing a funfair to a downtown location to create the best client party ever for Cushman and Wakefield.

Sziget Press Crew – Goulash Cooking

Our annually fun Goulash Cooking program in a cool ruin bar, for the international journalists & press members of Sziget Festival.

Eastern Partnership Panel – Conference

Organising an event in Budapest next month and we need to find a service provider for the particular services.

Sanofi – Danube Lunch & Sightseeing

The food was excellent, the view overwhelmed us, and our underguide shared a ton of interesting stories about the city and the river. Altogether, we had a great time!

Nielsen – Goulash Cooking Contest & Sightseeing

Thanks for the opportunity, we had a really great time! We even made some new Hungarian friends during the city discovery game.

Roche Ignition – Conference Weekend

We and our company would like to settle a conference weekend with an elegant dinner party for about 100 people. And maybe on this weekend, we would like a team building gameplay also.